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Pat’s Place is a temporary safe haven for older people experiencing abuse. At Pat’s Place we offer a welcoming environment where residents can take time out from their current situation.

At Pat’s Place we believe that all older people have the right to live a life free of harm. We are striving to create an environment where an older person can live with dignity and in peace.


What kind of accommodation is available at Pat’s Place?

Pat’s Place offers a cozy, modern bachelor apartment with the following features:

  • A small bedroom area with a single bed, sheets, dresser and spacious closet with sliding doors.
  • A cozy living room which includes a comfortable futon, dinner table and TV with cable connection. Sliding doors allow light and fresh air into the space.
  • Compact kitchen with utility storage space and drawers, oven with top hood/vent, microwave and refrigerator.
  • Full washroom with bathtub/shower.
  • Both the building and the apartment are wheel-chair accessible.

Is Pat’s Place a shelter?

No, it is important to realize that Pat’s Place is not a shelter.  It is an apartment in a secure location in Toronto.  It is not staffed like a shelter (i.e. staff on site 24/7).

Who is eligible for Pat’s Place?

People 60 years of age and older who are being abused emotionally, physically, sexually, financially or in other ways by a family member can use Pat’s Place. Pat’s Place is open to women, men and transgender persons.

People who move to Pat’s Place must be able to care for themselves. If a person requires some supports we will work with them to determine if we can put them in place. If the person can function independently when support services are not present, they will be considered for entry to the program.

Where is Pat’s Place located?

Due to the nature of this program, the location of Pat’s Place is confidential.  The unit is located in an apartment building in Toronto, steps away from TTC, shops and grocery stores.

How long can a person stay at Pat’s Place?

Pat’s Place is a temporary, short-term safe haven.  People who move to Pat’s Place can stay for up to 60 days.

What will happen if a person can’t leave after 60 days?

Pat’s Place is not a long-term form of accommodation.  It is critical to be thinking about future plans from the time a person moves in.  Staff will work with the resident to set goals that are realistic and achievable within the 60 day stay.

Residents will be asked to sign a document that acknowledges they can stay for up to 60 days.

How can someone access Pat’s Place?

Any person experiencing abuse who is 60 years of age or older can call Family Service Toronto’s Service Access Unit at 416 595 9618 to inquire about Pat’s Place.

We encourage service providers who are working with someone who is experiencing abuse to call, with the person’s consent, to determine if this program would be a proper match.

What will happen after a first contact is made with Family Service Toronto?
During a first contact with Family Service Toronto the caller will be asked to provide basic information about who the potential resident is (i.e. name, age, address, contact information and issues the person is facing).

If a service provider calls to refer someone to Pat’s Place it is important to secure verbal consent from the older person prior to making a call to Family Service Toronto.

A counsellor from the Seniors and Caregivers Support Service Unit will contact the caller to gather more information. They will make an appointment to meet with the potential resident either in their current home, in the community, in one of our offices or any other safe place.

During this appointment we will share more information about Pat’s Place and work with the potential resident to determine if it is the right fit.

What can a person expect during their stay at Pat’s Place?

A counsellor from the Seniors and Caregivers Support Service at Family Service Toronto will be assigned to work with the resident. If the person is connected to one or more organizations in the community we will work with them to determine how we can best support the resident. A range of services are available such as:

  • Counselling
  • Crisis intervention
  • Safety planning
  • Referral to, and liaison with, community resources
  • Assistance with housing applications
  • Developing plans for the future beyond Pat’s Place

How much does it cost to live at Pat’s Place?

There is no charge for rent at Pat’s Place. People are asked to contribute to the day-to-day costs (i.e. buying food, clothing, medications, doing laundry and so on). Family Service Toronto is currently fundraising to be able to cover these costs and to install an emergency response system.

When can I phone to inquire about Pat’s Place?

To make a referral, either for yourself or someone else, call our Service Access Unit at 416 595 9618.

Pat’s Place Program Evaluation Report

For more than twenty- five years, Family Service Toronto’s (FST)  Seniors and Caregivers Support Services (SCSS) has been working with seniors who are experiencing abuse in their later years.  Through a combination of counselling supports, group work and educational sessions, the team has touched the lives of thousands of clients.  Working with seniors to help them stay safe in their living situations, dealing with the inherent anxiety, depression and trauma that abuse generates in those experiencing it and working with clients to live free of abuse has been at the core of the work.  In 2008, FST opened Pat’s Place, a safe haven for older people experiencing abuse.    Situated in a confidential location in Toronto, Pat’s Place is a one-bedroom apartment, rented by FST, and provided free of charge to qualifying individuals for up to 60 days.   

This report provides a summary of how Pat’s Place operates, an analysis of who has accessed the program from 2008-2018 and an evaluation framework that was created to aid in the potential expansion of this concept.

Rapport d’évaluation du ProgrammePat’s Place

Depuis plus de vingt-cinq ans, le personnel des services de soutien aux personnes âgées et soignants de Family Service Toronto travaille avec les personnes âgées qui sont victimes de maltraitance. Grâce à un ensemble de services de counseling, de séances de groupes et des séances éducatives, l’équipe a réussi à toucher  la vie de plusieurs clients et clientes. Les services fournis aux personnes âgées sont pour les aidées  à garder des conditions de vie sécuritaires, pour les aidées à faire face à l’anxiété, la dépression et les traumatismes inhérents aux victimes de maltraitance, ainsi que pour les aidées à vivre une vie sans violence, se trouvent au cœur du travail du personnel FST.  En 2008, FST a ouvert Pat’s Place, un refuge pour les personnes âgées maltraitées.  Situé dans un endroit confidentiel à Toronto, Pat’s Place est un appartement d’une chambre qui est loué par FST. L’appartement est fourni gratuitement aux personnes éligibles pour un maximum de 60 jours.

Ce rapport fournit un résumé du fonctionnement de Pat’s Place, ce qui est une analyse des personnes qui ont accédées au programme de 2008 à 2018 et un cadre d’évaluation qui a été créé pour aider à l’expansion potentielle de ce concept.

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