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March 16, 2023

Family Service Toronto charges a fee for service in our General Counselling service, Families in Transition, David Kelley LGBTQ+ Counselling Service and Next Steps Partner Assault Response Program. 

FST’s fees for counselling and group work in these programs are changing, effective April 1, 2023 for all people who attend a first appointment on or after this date. FST’s full fee will be $150 per counselling session and $105 per group session. Where a person cannot pay the full fee, fees are reduced based on a sliding scale.  This scale considers total household income and size and ranges from $150 to $10 for a counselling session and $105 to $10 per group session.

Any person with benefits coverage that includes FST services will be charged the full fee for service until such time as their benefits are used, regardless of their household income and size. After this time, a new fee contract will be entered into based on household size and total income.

Any current active clients will continue to pay their current fee in the program(s) they are enrolled in on or before March 31, 2023.  If a current active client requests service in a different program where a fee is charged on or after April 1 they will be charged the new program rate.

FST currently subsidizes fees by up to 95 per cent of the full cost.  This change in fees will reduce subsidies to 93 per cent.

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