Seniors Community Connections (previously known as Illahee Community Connections) is a program for seniors groups within five cultural and linguistic communities: Iranian, Tamil, Afghan, Somali and Spanish-speaking. Seniors from these communities meet in several locations in Toronto and Family Service provides:

  • workshops on topics relevant to seniors, such as stress management, elder abuse, healthy living, volunteering and financial matters.
  • outings to places of interest, such as the Aga Khan museum, the ROM, Niagara Falls
  • peer support groups where seniors can meet and share their ideas and stories; give and receive support to each other and share resources.
  • a diversity event, where seniors from all communities come together for a day and learn about other cultures and showcase their own talent through music, dance and poetry.

For more information please call:

  • Rodrigo Briones (Tamil and Spanish-speaking seniors) 416-562-1330
  • Maryan Ali (Somali and Afghan seniors) 416-585-2044
  • Mehrangiz Pournaseh (Iranian seniors) 647-960-0351

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