Call for Participants for Stakeholder Consultations

In the very near future, the Government of Ontario will begin consultations to reform the Developmental Services sector.  Here at Family Service Toronto (FST), we believe it is very important that our service users are able to provide their thoughts and opinions on this reform so that FST can make the government aware of any issues or concerns.

Beginning early September, FST will be hosting Zoom consultation sessions and teleconferences with those with lived experience/expertise who access our Developmental Services Programs.  These services include, Options Children and Adult, Person Directed Planning and Passport programs.  Following the initial sessions, there will be ongoing opportunities to provide feedback and advice regarding future programming at FST.

To volunteer to become part of these discussions or to get more information, please call or email Charlene Challenger or call 416-971-6326 extension 292, by Sept 11, 2020.

About Options

At the Options program, we work in partnership with individuals with developmental disabilities, and their families, friends and communities.

Options is dedicated to creating welcoming, inclusive communities where everyone can contribute their skills and talents. We work in the city of Toronto, supporting children and adults, their families and surrounding communities.  We work with community organizations, developmental service agencies, and schools, in order to create community connections.

Our focus is on equity and inclusion and is guided by a person-directed approach, allowing us to support and empower individuals and families.

Community Resource Facilitation (Children and Youth)

Community Resource Facilitators support children, youth and their families/caregivers to reach their desired goals. This is accomplished through advocacy within the school and health care systems, referrals to community service providers and supportive counselling.  We also offer workshops, which provide opportunities for connections and knowledge sharing among parents.  For information and/or referrals please call 416.971.6326 x317 or email

Community Resource Facilitation (Adults)

Community Resource Facilitators collaborate with individuals, families and caregivers to reach their desired goals.  This is accomplished through service coordination, community connections, circles of support, advocacy and supportive counselling. Our approach is to break down barriers and find ways to facilitate interconnected lives within family groups and communities.  This service can only be accessed through Developmental Services Ontario (DSO).

Community Network Facilitation

Community Networking is a process that challenges and invites ordinary places to be more inclusive. Community Network Facilitators work with individuals, families, small groups and community organizations to explore and build connections with community places and people.  Our work supports individuals to explore their interests and enhance their community involvement.  This service is only available if you are already an Options client.

Co-ordinated Service Planning (Children and Youth)

The goal of Co-ordinated Service Planning (CSP) is to improve service experiences and outcomes for children and youth with multiple and/or complex special needs and their families through the support of a Service Planning Co-ordinator. The co-ordinator will connect them to multiple, cross-sectoral services and monitor their needs and progress through a Co-ordinated Service Plan. Inquiries for this service can be made by calling 1-833-575-KIDS (5437).

How does my child become an Options client?

In order for a child to become an Options client, a parent, caregiver, or another individual supporting the child can call the Intake line directly at (416) 971-6326 ext. 317.

How do I, as an adult, become an Options client?

To become an Options client as an adult, you will need to apply to the DSO, and be referred to us by the DSO. You cannot obtain Options services by contacting Options directly.

If I think my child has a developmental disability, but they are not yet diagnosed, can I still access Options services?

The Options intake worker will provide you with some ideas about how/where to get an assessment for your child, but they are not eligible for service at Options unless they have a diagnosed developmental disability

Is there a waitlist for this service?

Yes. The waitlist for adult services is held at the DSO.  The waitlist for children’s services with Options is held with the Options program.

Does the Options program provide funding?

Options does not provide funding or financial resources for clients.

If I am receiving this service, can I still receive other developmental services?

As an Options client, you may still receive services from other agencies (such as day programs, respite services, housing, and employment services). You may not have a second case manager through another agency.

Does the Options program cost money?

Options is government-funded, so it will not cost you personal funding to access our services.

Does the Options program accept placement students?

To find information about student placements at Family Service Toronto, please explore the ‘Student Placements’ section of the Family Service Toronto website.

Does the Options program accept volunteers?

To find out about volunteering in the Options program, please explore the ‘Volunteer at FST’ section of the website. If you are currently an Options client and are interested in assisting with the Options newsletter, please contact your Options worker.

Advocates Voice of Power

Advocates Voice of Power is a group for adults with disabilities to connect and work together for positive social change. We welcome new members from across the city of Toronto. You do not need to be an Options client to join. Please contact Leah at (416) 971-6326 ext. 222 to find out more.

Best Buddies

Best Buddies is an international program dedicated to breaking down barriers between people and erasing misconceptions about individuals with developmental disabilities. The program creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships by matching Options clients with volunteer university students. Contact your Options worker if you are interested in the best buddies program

Advocates for a Better Future

Advocates for a Better Future welcomes adults with developmental disabilities who want to connect with one another and take action on issues of common concern. For more information, please call (416) 415-5000 ext. 3002 and leave a message with your name and number.

Sharing the Wisdom

In this series, parents of adult children with developmental disabilities will share their experiences and knowledge with parents of younger children.  For more information about this workshop, please call (416) 971-6326 ext. 317 and leave a message with your name and number.


The Community Times newsletter is made twice a year by a group of volunteers, who are generally Options clients. The volunteers set a theme for each issue and share their voices through personal stories, articles, poetry, art and interviews that inspire community.   For more information contact Ruth (416) 971-6326 ext. 235 and leave a message with your name and number.

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