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Effective April 1, 2020, temporary changes have been made for recipients of direct funding under the Special Services at Home (SSAH) and Passport programs. Please go to the Developmental Services Ontario for more information. For French speakers, please go to Service de’l Ontario pur des adultes ayant une déficience intellectuelle.

The Temporary Wage Enhancement for Personal Support Workers for the MCCSS direct funding programs is now live on the MCCSS website.

About Passport

Passport is a program that helps adults with a developmental disability to participate in their communities, and helps caregivers take a break from their caregiving responsibilities. Funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS), the Passport program works to:

  • Foster social, emotional, and community participation skills
  • Promote continuing education and personal development
  • Promote independence
  • Provide respite to caregivers

Interested in Passport?

Individuals living in Toronto and interested in accessing Passport or any other developmental service must contact Developmental Services Ontario (DSO). To contact the DSO Toronto:

Phone: 1-855-372-3858  TTY: 416-925-0295
E-mail: [email protected]

Peer Support Group

Starting this Fall, the Passport Program office will be hosting a peer-led support group for individuals and support persons involved in the Passport Program.  Please contact your Coordinator if you are interested in more information or to register.

Passport Post

To receive our quarterly newsletter by email and stay up-to-date on program news, contact us at [email protected]

Passport Post (Jun. 2017)
Passport Post (Mar. 2017)
Passport Post (Nov. 2016)
Passport Post (Jul. 2016)
Passport Post (Mar. 2016)

Information Fair

Developmental Services Information Fair October 30, 2019

Contact Passport

128A Ste. 202, Sterling Rd, Toronto, ON M6R 2B7
Monday to Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm
Phone: 416-780-1106

Submit invoices and receipts to: [email protected]

Our Passport Coordinator Team:

What We Do

Our team of Passport Coordinators is here to provide you with ongoing information and support. We provide support to develop a plan and budget for your Passport funding, help link you to services in your community, and will follow up with you about program forms.

Your Coordinator is here for:

  • support or information about how to use your Passport funds
  • support in developing a budget for your funds
  • help coming up with ideas and goals for yourself within the program
  • help understanding any Passport documents
  • help completing Passport forms
  • answering your questions about what is and is not covered by the program

Funding – What Can I Use if For?

The Passport Program is funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS). MCSS provides guidelines on what the program’s funding does and does not cover. The following list of examples is based on the MCSS guidelines. All expenses should reflect individual interests and choices.

  • Art classes
  • Cooking classes
  • Music lessons
  • Support workers
  • Transportation to and from activities
  • Life skill development like learning to ride the TTC or buy groceries
  • Swimming lessons
  • Day programs
  • Parks and recreation programs
  • Camps
  • Respite
  • Person-Directed Planning

For more information please refer to the MCSS Tip Sheet or the MCSS Passport Program Guidelines

Funding Alternatives

Individuals who receive support through the Passport program may choose between the following funding alternatives:

Direct Funding

The individual, or someone in their lives that they authorize, is responsible for managing all or a portion of the Passport funds. This may be done in one of the ways listed below:

Direct Funding Only

The individual, or someone in their lives that they authorize, is responsible for managing all of the Passport funds. This includes paying for community participation activities and support services directly, submitting receipts for the activities and supports, and receiving reimbursements for the funds spent.


Up to 10% of the Passport funds may be used to pay an agency/individual chosen by the Passport participant to do service planning and/or manage the Passport funding.

Agency Services

If an individual chooses agency services, all or a portion of their Passport funds would be paid directly to an MCSS Transfer Payment agency where that person will receive services or have services coordinated for them. The agency is responsible for managing the Passport funds.


An individual may choose a combination of both direct funding and agency services. The individual decides what percentage of their funds will be directed to an MCSS Transfer Payment agency and what percentage they would like to manage themselves through direct funding.

Program Documents

We’ve provided PDF versions of some of the program documents here for your reference: Information about the role of the Passport Coordinator, forms used in the program and payment processing can be found in the Information Package.

Information Package: Passport participants may submit their expenses no more than once per month to FST for reimbursement. The following two forms are used to submit expenses.

Sample Purchase of Service (POS) Form with Instructions: This form is a summary sheet for all expenses being submitted. Receipts and invoices must be attached to this form.

Sample Invoice Form with Instructions: This form is only to be submitted when a service provider has been hired. It is to be completed by the service provider and attached to the POS Form.

How to submit official invoices: A tip sheet for Passport program participants and the service providers who support them on submitting official invoices to the Passport program.

Hiring a Personal Support Worker: A tip sheet to help guide the processing of hiring a Personal Support Worker (PSW) that is right for you

The IF Library Project

Resources to Help People with Developmental Disabilities Use Their Individualized Funds Effectively

Project Information Letter

How is the amount funding determined for each person?

MCSS provides all Passport Agencies in Ontario with a standardized tool to determine the amount of eligible funding based on each person’s behavioural needs, medical needs, current supports, and if applicable the caregiver’s concerns and needs.

If I do not use all of my Passport funding this year can it be carried forward?

No. Passport funding cannot be carried over or saved for another year.

Do I need to renew my funding each year?

No. Passport funding does not require you to renew annually.

How do I apply for an increase in Passport funding?

All requests for new or increased funding are processed through Developmental Services Ontario (DSO). You can reach them at 416-925-4930.

Can someone help me find services in my community?

Yes. Your Passport Coordinator can help you connect with services and supports related to your Passport funding.

If I choose direct funding, do I have to submit invoices every month?

No. You cannot submit more than once per month but less often is okay.

Will using Passport funding affect my ODSP?

No.  Passport is not considered income, it will not affect your ODSP.

How long will it take for my invoices to be processed?

Please allow 30 business days for payment from the date received in our office.

What happens if a Passport recipient is involved with the Ontario Public Guardian and Trustee (OPGT)?

If the OPGT is the substitute decision maker/guardian, they will be notified by Passport and work with you and your supports, to determine the best possible way to administer your Passport funds. In some cases, families or trustees may continue to administer the funds.

Can I receive Passport service in a language other than English?

Yes! The Passport office provides service in French as well as additional languages depending on our staff team. Currently we also offer service in Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, and Italian.

Individualized Funding Resource Library. The Individualized Funding Library is a website to help you learn how to find and use your Individualized Funding

Brochure for IF Library Project

ConnectAbility: A website and virtual community dedicated to lifelong learning and support for people who have an intellectual disability, their families and support networks.

City of Toronto Parks and Recreation Programs

Toronto Central Community Care Access Centres (CCAC)

MCSS Tip Sheet or the MCSS Passport Program Guidelines

Developmental Services Ontario (DSO)

Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)

311 Toronto – Services – Living in Toronto

TTC – Metropass Discount Plan

Building Inclusive Communities Virtual Stakeholder Consultation Report

Clients, parents, and caregivers in the Building Inclusive Communities Programs were invited to participate in a conversation about their experiences with Options and Passport services. Data was collected through two virtual group consultations and individual phone calls. The Family Service Toronto – Building Inclusive Communities Virtual Stakeholder Consultation Report is a summary of conversations that took place. Family Service Toronto would like to thank the clients and parents who were able to participate on such short notice, and for sharing their personal stories and feedback with us.

Passport is offered at the following location(s):

Programs and Services

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